Beyond simply selling beer, we want to educate our customers and expose them to the dizzying array of beer, cider and mead available in Oregon. To facilitate this, we frequently offer free tastings, "Meet the Brewer" nights, theme weeks, and other special events. These events offer an excellent way to learn about styles and the brewing process, as well as meeting the folks responsible for creating your favorite beers, meads and ciders. Unless otherwise noted, all events listed as "tastings" are free and open to everyone over 21 years of age.


Moonlight Mead Tasting

These luscious meads are guaranteed to turn heads. In the bottle shop, we will be tasting Kurt's Apple, made from local apple cider with Madagascar-bourbon vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon spice added; Sensual, a wildflower mead with a lasting finish; Desire, their flagship mead, a complex blend of blueberries, black cherries and black currants; and Wild, made from unprocessed wildflower honey and wild mountain blueberries.


Original Sin Cider Tasting & Cherry Tree Release 

In the bottle shop, we will be offering tastes of the new Cherry Tree plus the original Pear and maybe even a couple of surprises. Keep an eye right here for updates!


Dutch King's Day Celebration & Tasting with Artisanal Imports

On April 30, 2013, the Netherlands will welcome its first male monarch since 1890: King Willem-Alexander! The succession will have many consequences, of course. One of them is that what might be the best day of the year in Holland, Queen’s Day, will have a new name, Kongingsdag, or King's Day. The celebration, always on April 27 (or on April 26 when the 27th falls on a Sunday), includes reveling, parades, concerts, food and, of course, beer. Many residents wear orange, the national color. According to Wikipedia, one local said this of the event: "Friendships—and community—will be formed ... It’s not an outburst of patriotism, it’s not even about the popularity of the royal family. It’s about a sense of belonging. For one day, everybody is the same in Holland. Bright orange and barmy."
We are going to be bright orange and barmy as well, with free orange giveaways from Artisanal Imports plus a tasting of several Dutch beers in the bottle shop and a couple on draft in the Biercafe as well. Come get your orange on and celebrate with the Dutch!

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